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An invariable and lifeless neutrality ? That is the price one has to pay when condemned to stick for uncountable years to one single fabric for a seat cover. Thankfully, Naked Chairs is liberating you from this weight and gives you some advice in accordance with the style of your seats.


  • Fabric skin vibrant colour on silver painted wood (neutral)
    Fabric skin vibrant colour on silver painted wood (neutral)



The Art of War – part 1


Wood is your best ally in your effort to regain control over your sitting spaces. The wooden structure of your seat is its very soul : Its shape gives it character and the way it is treated conveys its emotion. The fabric that will cover the seat/back of this wooden structure has an important mission… sublime the structure and perfectly integrate the whole seat in the space that you will have chosen.

The first question you need to ask is what colour is the frame of your seat. Choose your fabric in contrast to the colour of your frame. For natural wooden frames it’s simple: you have dark and light shades. For example pine is light and mahogany is dark. The darker the shade, the lighter your fabric must be if you want to create harmonious tones in your interior.

For coloured frames, you can apply the complementarity rule as well as the contrast rule. For example if you have a red frame, it would be a good idea to marry it with cold colours like blue or green.

Another important factor to take into account when choosing a piece of fabric in relation to the frame of your chair is its style. Period frames may be quite flourished with carvings of all sorts. That is often an element of style that takes all the attention in the room in which it is exposed. If you choose a piece of fabric that is equally flourished, it may be overwhelming.

Do Not Overdo: Simplicity enhances character.

Remember: rules can always be broken or bent but rarely all at the same time…