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Seat Covers



The covers that Naked Chairs proposes in its kits are handmade and can be sold separately. Naked Chairs has a classic collection and an annual collection. The latter is composed of an autumn/winter and a spring/summer collection.


Easily removable from the seat and the seat’s back, you will be able to change your seat covers as often as you like! When you order you are free to select among the fabrics presented below and Naked Chairs will do the rest.





This collection gathers fabrics with prints or patterns that are in fashion.






Our collection is composed of different types of simili leathers, which are all extremely resistant. Simili Leathers are a mix of coton, polyester and polyuréthane.



Our collection combines pure linen and mixed linen. The latter is generally composed of linen, coton and polyester. Pure linen can be rough or elaborated. It is often used to renovate seats in ‘country chic’ style.


Velvets are generally composed of polyester sometimes mixed with viscose. Velvets with linen aspects are soft yet very resistant fabrics  (around 420gr/m2) that are perfect for Naked Chairs’ covers.



Our woollens are composed of wool, polyamide, polyester in varied proportions. These fabrics are resistant, warm and hold well. They are particularly well adapted for the rainy and cold seasons.


 You already have a piece of fabric that you would like to use for your Naked Chairs’ cover? We can turn it into a cover that will fit your kit perfectly for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about this