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We Want to Know About Your Seat Renovation…




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Call +33 671402801






In order to seek seat renovation advice please send us photos of your old chairs and armchairs. We look forward to hearing from you and your seats! Let us know about your projects and we will return your calls or emails within 48h.




Our Contact Information

You can write and send your photos to Alternatively, you may call us (What’s app included) at 0033 (0) 671402801. Our customer service will reply in French and in English.


Seeking seat renovation advice

In order to provide you with a better service, we advise you to take the dimensions of your seat(s) before you contact us. With these dimensions at hand, we will be in a position to immediately advise you on the best course of action with regard to your chairs and/or armchairs.



Brief memo of what to do now: 

Step1 : Take your seat dimensions (click here if you are unsure how to complete this task);

Step 2: Email us at with 2 photos of your seats (from the front and from above) and the dimensions of your seat.


We are genuinely interested in your seat renovation adventure. As a result, we wish to know about your realisation before and after the installation of your kits. Please use our email to also send us photos of your creations once they are finished. With your approval, we will post them in the gallery displayed on our welcome page.