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Do you dream of a tropical autumn? This piece refers to the unreachable whilst representing the dream of a season that does not exist; colours that pertain to another climate; a vegetation, normally lush, here ready to die for renewal.


Reinventing wall tapestry

The artist reinvents wall tapestry and edifies it in art combining precious textiles and modern graphisme. She invites you to dive into her artistic universe, which draws from the vegetal terrestrial and marine worlds to put nature at the centre of your interior decoration.


Meticulous design

Thanks to a meticulous technique assembling textiles, the artist succeeds in converting precious fabrics (here hand printed coton velvet created by the prestigious italian textile design firm Voghi) in true graphic elements, which are intertwined  to give life to your walls.

Exit with the dull and overcrowded tapestry, make room for subtile and light designs, which thanks to their texture, give vibrant highlights and volumes to your living spaces.

Ready to take a journey through your walls?