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A seat renovation prepared down to the last millimetre




The Naked Chairs’ adventure starts with some strategy: in order to better apprehend the enemy, one must first study the creature and identify its weaknesses. For this you will need a seamstress metre and pen and paper to write down some numbers. Ready?




1 – Check the thickness of the seat’s frame.

Going from the legs of the seat to its sitting shell, you will realise the thickness of the frame by feeling the frame over the seats’ cover (if it is not yet stripped) with your hands under the seat. Do the same with the back of the seat at the rear. Please be vigilant: only the seats with frames that are thicker than 25mm can withstand the weight of change.







2-Measure the sides of the sitting frame, in other words depth and width of the seat. If the sitting frame (or shell) is trapezoidal (meaning the shape of the seat is wider in the front of the seat than in the back of the seat) you will write down the measure of the seat at the back of the seat. Once you have noted the width and the depth of the sitting frame, please check the size of the corresponding kit:  

Sides between 34 and 41 cm = Kit small round

Sided between 41 and 50 cm = Kit medium-small   (NB if your sides measure 41 cm you can choose between a smaller round seat or a bigger square seat)

Sides between 48 and 60 cm = Kit medium-large (NB If your sides measure 48, 49, 50 cm you have the choice between the medium-large kit or the medium-small kit)

Sides between  60 et 72 cm = Kit large (NB if your sides measure 60 cm you have the choice between the medium-large kit or the large kit)

NB If you have a seat with an arched/round structure please follow this link – this video should help.




Dimensions of the seat's frame






3 – If your seat has a back, please measure the height and width of the back.

The width of the back must be taken at the bottom of the back, at its junction with the sitting shell or better yet, as in the drawing, at the junction with the horizontal back supporting bar.






Dimensions Back of the seat

You now know the dimension (large, medium-large, medium-small, or small) of your kit ?