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Before you order a kit


How can I know whether a kit fits my armchair

Naked Chairs kits’ standard sizes come in 4 dimensions which fit most types of wooden chairs and armchairs. If you wish to know which kit will fit your armchair, you only need to take some measurements following the instructions that we provide here.

We also create kits on demand for special categories of seats or to answer creative requests. Please feel free to email us on and we will get back to you very shortly.



I don't know how to strip my seat, can you help me?

.The answer is a straight yes!

Naked Chairs is there for you all the way, since the inception of your project to renovate your seats. We adopt multiple strategies to this effect: 1) video tutorials are available on the website to help you with the stripping of your seat and the assembling of the kit, 2) we make video calls appointments to respond to particular issues that you may have, 3) we follow your progress to ensure that you are satisfied.



I want to use a fabric of mine on my kit, can you turn it into a kit's cover?

Choosing a cover’s fabric for its seats is hard! Naked Chairs selects some of the trendiest fabrics at reasonable prices so that you may take advantage of them and narrow your search at the same time.

However, you may be in possession of a piece of fabric that you retain is already ideal for your chairs or armchairs and in this case, we offer the possibility for our customers to send us the fabric of their choosing so that we may turn it into a cover that will perfectly match your kits. A discount of €15 on your kit’s purchase will be applied if this is a choice that you want to make.




While you order a kit


What choices do I have for paiements?

Once you have selected your kit, Naked Chairs will send you an invoice with a secured link through which you may pay by credit card. If you encounter any difficulty, please send us an email or call us, we are at your disposal to help you.

Do I have to create an account ?

 Naked Chairs promotes freedom not only through creativity. We believe you should be able to shop freely without having to create an account. We will however need your exact address and name to ship your kit to you. To this end, you can either complete the form that is available here, or send us this information following receipt of the invoice or payment.

Please note that completing the form is a good idea if you wish to receive the latest promotions 😉

How will I receive my kit ?

Naked Chairs works with both classic mail delivery systems and with Mondial Relay. This means you will be able to receive your kit at home and, in some countries, at reduced rates (with Mondial relay). The shipping rates will be added to the price of your kit.


Once you are ready to use a kit


Your kits' dimensions are incorrect?

While we take all precautions to ensure you order the correct kit’s size, errors can happen so If you realise, once you receive your kit at home, that its dimensions are incorrect (too big or too small), we advise you to contact us immediately (within 14 days of its delivery date) and we will replace it.

Affixing issues?

Affixing the kit’s seat and back onto the wooden structure of your chair or armchair should be fairly simple. Naked Chairs provides you with instructions both in paper and video formats (providing you with a link upon purchasing a kit).

However, if you have a moment of distraction, you could end up drilling a hole (with the gimlet) where unintended. If you do so, please don’t panic, the solution is rather simple: take a bit of putty mixed with the colour of the paint/varnish of your choice to fill the hole in question and drill again where intended 😉

The same tactic applies if you drill too far (where intended) thereby piercing through the wooden frame. 



Changing your seat's cover

Naked Chairs’ kit are sold with covers that you can choose from the many fabrics proposed on this website. It may be that when you receive your kit at home, you realise that your choice is not exactly what you needed. For only 10 Euro we can exchange your cover for another one of your choice.