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Restoring a 70’s gondola chair? Easy with Naked Chairs you will be able to give it a total makeover whilst also modernising it…For this you will only need a kit of a medium-small dimension, and voilà!



Provocative chairs

70’s Gondola Chairs are nonchalant adventurers always seeking new and trendier outfits. With their wheedling shapes, they seduce you and demand perpetual renewal. Often made of mahogany, they diffuse a warmth and irresistible elegance. No doubt here, you will surrender… be a good sport and tell yourself it’s for the good cause!



Sail towards modernity

Thanks to Naked Chairs’ kits angular shape, you will give to these chairs a undeniably design look. The contrast operating between the curvy shape of their wooden structure and the straight lines of Naked Chairs’ seats creates unexpected attention around a table or even, alone, in the corner of a library. Here to give an additional textural edge, Naked Chairs combines simile leather with a japonese coton/linen print recalling spring.