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A seat in pain

The Voltaire is an armchair that appeared at the time of the French Restoration around 1815 and, which spread under the reign of Louis Philippe to become after that, in the 19th century, the seat of predilection of the sick and the elderly. Its comfortable and low sitting shell lent itself well to this use. While very popular in our living rooms, this seat has a terrible influence over our minds. It binds us to the pains it had to withstand and we suffer them by transfer.


It’s not its fault…

If, like Gavroche, you are a revolutionary give a new opportunity to your Voltaire. It is not its fault if the comfort of its large structure has turned it into a dusty and a masking agent of our living rooms. Naked Chairs transforms the shape of this seat by slashing its back and by lifting the sitting shell thereby creating an offbeat and contemporary design. To this we can add the choice of a very trendy fabric cover made out of African Wax.