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Naked Chairs, The end of a siege


Louis XVI, Voltaire, Count Chesterfield…they invaded our living rooms in order to control our ideas at their roots. Lift the veil on a millenarian secret and join the uprising against the reign of uprightness. Governments, religions, Google…you think they manipulate you? What if the truth was not where you thought but much closer…

The bottom of the truth


Your bottom is not lying to you. No need to look further for explanations as to why your ideas are confused or why you are sputtering during your conversations… the truth is where you are not expecting it.

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If you are reading these lines it’s because your intuition is not deceiving you. You feel something that you cannot explain, something that you have been experiencing for a long time… this feeling is present when you are at home, alone or surrounded by people and you are under the impression that you are not in total control of your ideas: your words are not completely your own, they don’t really resemble you…


Most of the time you think that it is your education, your background that conditions you and makes you adhere to the one-track thinking. Others may see the work of religions, governments, G.A:F.A…. But what would you say if, in fact, the truth was elsewhere? What would you say if the truth was really under…your bum?


Before you go any further in this reading, we have to warn you: All we give you is the truth, nothing more.


Communicating in flesh


Ideas are not born in the street… they are born sat on our seats. Embodying the true instruments of our body language, these seat are potent communication vehicles, which have been overtaken by the historical figures of our world.

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90% of human communication does not go through words but through our bodies; the way we move it and we stage it. We talk about a body language that is so preponderant that whomever would succeed in influencing it would have an incomparable hold over the production of ideas themselves. That’s precisely what the most powerful of this world have understood a long time ago. Without us knowing, they have accomplished what no other media giant has done until now: access the source of ideas by penetrating physically inside our houses, our living rooms, our discussion spaces. They are everywhere, in our homes and across all layers of society.

Contrary to popular thought, ideas are not born in the street but under roofs…They circulate when we are sat down, calm and when it’s possible to debate. Ideas are emancipated in our living rooms, our offices, our dining rooms, on a corner of a kitchen table… These are practices that are as old as the origins of civilisation, from the ancient Egypt to today passing by the court or monarchs and the closed doors clubs of British aristocracy.


The Reign of Uprightness


But really, what do they want? Armies of quadrupeds are influencing our communication and taking control over our consciousness with the sole intention of keeping their privileged positions in our living rooms while imposing their ancient and rigid codes of uprightness and propriety.

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In all these places, they are present on a daily basis as close to us as it gets. They are there when we read books, when we comment an article, discuss the next elections, the results of a football game or a film. They are there blending in the décor of our interiors, receptacles of our resting bodies, they shape our reflexive poses, they give to our assertions all the composure that is expected in good society… Chairs, armchairs, cabriolets… they form armies, millions of quadrupeds have gone to conquer our homes with, as sole purpose, the formatting and control of our consciousness. They have become the custodians of a type of thinking supposedly ‘proper’, a thinking otherwise known as ‘propriety’ or ‘up-rightness’ and they are named after their patrons: Louis XVI, Louis-Philippe, Voltaire, Chesterfield, Victoria, Napoleon, Victoria etc…


Naked Chairs : the end of a siege


They have besieged us and it does not stop there! The pains they are inflicting are of all sorts: they are getting us smoked with dust, they put us to sleep, they manipulate our reactions, rigidify our movements, prevent us from breathing and seeing clearly… enough! Naked Chairs frees you from your chains and wakes you up from this torpor in which they let you be.

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Although they have overshadowed our free will, these invaders have been the witness of the history of Men and, as such, they have become invaluable to the families who have harboured them, sometimes for several generations. This value is indeed well recognised by a growing number of amateurs who are rejoicing at the perspective of finding dilapidated specimens and restoring them. We are thus neither talking about burning our furniture nor getting rid of it…   However, as time goes by their hold over our free thinking is increasingly strong and nefarious. These insidious quadrupeds feed off of powerful nostalgic and conservative feelings, which they maintain voluntarily in us. Their styles, more or less obsolete, constrains us to fabricate thoughts from another time, from a distant past. Their covers prevent light – essential to our creativity – from passing through. The dust that they generate makes it difficult to breathe and to see clearly. Years have made them uncomfortable, and due to a Stockholm syndrome, they are nevertheless protected and preserved by their hosts, which, occasionally, might voluntarily submit their behind to a tortured sitting moment.   Our mission is to help you liberate yourselves from this ancient occupation and to reconquer your occupied territories.

Our ambition is to provoke the fall of the tyranny of great figures who have established authority over our sitting moments, preventing us by the same token from sitting over rigid conventions.

Stay sat and walk!


Naked Chairs offers you a awakening by creative emancipation and provide you with the arsenal that you will need to join the revolution from your living rooms and vanquish your enemy.

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You will have understood it, the solution already lives inside your living rooms. The liberation that we are proposing is far more than a consciousness awakening, it is an emancipation by creativity. To this end, it is important to strike hard and at the heart of the problem. In order to make the occupant teeter, our only chance is to pierce it’s armour with a sharp knife and to strip it to the bone so as to retrieve its soul. By subliming the heart of its being, its wooden frame, together we can transform it in a seat that will have a beneficial influence over us. The key to this transformation: modernise in order to make the spirit of our ancient seats live in our epoch.


Naked Chairs is fighting by your side to overthrow the occupation and reconquer your living rooms (and other sitting spaces) by supplying you the weapons and ammunitions that will lead you to victory. The alliance of metal and wood on your transformed seats will destroy the crowded and pompous lines of the past. The gap between the structure and the seat will let light go through in your rooms and your minds. Thanks to modern fabrics and the possibility to easily change covers as often as one desires (with seasons, fashion etc.) it is now possible to evolve with your time while also preserving the memories of the past and the charm characterising ancient furniture.


If you are still reading these lines, you have now awakened and you are ready to emancipate yourselves. Until now, the greatest freedom movements have been held in the streets; we offer you to fight an unprecedented ‘interior’ battle by joining our movement whilst remaining at home.