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An Empire sat on comfort

In regards to furniture, the Napoleon 3rd style and, thus, period can be considered as THE time for seats. As far as armchairs are concerned, this style often copies  Louis XV and Louis XVI seats’ structures albeit with a richer upholstery composed of stripes, dimplings and fringes of all kinds. The Louis XV armchair can be distinguished from its XVIII c. sibling due to its more comfortable features: a lower seat shell in which one feels wrapped up thanks to its dimplings and springs. The feet of the armchair have small wheels. Naked Chairs reviews the rich garnish corresponding to this style by simplifying it so as to highlight the comfort of this seat.


Victor Hugo returns from exile

The shepherdess rebels, she twitches but you will prevail! In revisiting this armchair, Naked Chairs breaks your chains, overthrows the Empire of alienating confort and gives back light to your living rooms. The dust and the mind blocking smoke are dissipating and you can finally see clearly. Deprived of its opulent and ostentatious garnish, this armchair gains a simplicity that enhances its comfortable seat. Napoleon is now showing himself in its best possible light and the spirit of Victor Hugo, who came back from exile to give you a hand, is with you in your discussions 😉 !


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