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Making over a Louis XIII Chair by yourself? It’s easy with the upholstery kits that we created for you…  You will now be able to create little jewels of modernity!


The chair ‘Os de Mouton’ is tough…temple of heaviness, we can easily imagine it in dark corridors controlling our comings and goings, like a watch-guard in front of a dungeon. This chair is named after its feet, which is united in a H shape by a twisted transverse, was created by the architects of the end of Louis XIII reign to give stability and comfort to the ladies then wearing very large dresses.



Naked Chairs wants to infuse a touch of lightness to this unloved chair and takes advantage of its massive aspect to contrast it with an airy seat and back. Exit with the rustic… here comes the glamour! Our blue jeans don’t fear anything so we keep the solidity of the seat but we change decorum: the wood is sanded raw and its light patina highlights its cover woven with white and bronze leaves.