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Don't throw away your old seats...

Turn them into modern furniture








Your old chairs and armchairs no longer match your design interiors? No worries, you will never have to ask yourself again whether or not you should give away your heirlooms. Naked Chairs helps you renovate these ‘old ladies’ with DIY upholstery kits: It’s as easy as it gets!

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Collection Covers Spring/Summer 2019

Discover the 2019 Spring/Summer Cover Collection

Gondolas aren’t in Venis…

They are at home! These curvy chairs dream about nothing else but to sail towards new horizons…

Restoring a Louis XIII Chair

Métamorphosis of a gloomy chair

Louis XVI, Voltaire, Comte de Chesterfield… They have been occupying our living rooms for so long! Lift the veil on their millennial secret and join the uprising against the reign of propriety


  • Restaurer un fauteuil voltaire DIY

Restoring armchairs – In Conquered Territories

Living rooms, dining rooms and other sitting areas that have been conquered under Naked Chairs’ flag are proudly displayed here. Send us your pictures!




Changing Seat Covers…

Fashion unleashed! Bring colours and fun to your sitting areas


Your seats have been part of your family for as long as you can remember? You are dreaming of an interior decoration change but something is holding you back… Don’t go any further: you have been besieged and need to liberate yourself


Easily makeover your seats by yourself.

Naked Chairs helps to reconquer your sitting spaces by giving you the opportunity to restore your old chairs and armchairs and to transform them into design pieces of furniture. It’s simple: strip your seat naked and we will send you a kit that you will be able to affix onto its wooden structure in no time.


Recycle Chairs and Armchairs

At Naked Chairs we think that your seats have a soul and that it resides at the heart of their structure. Our role is to help you preserve this soul and perpetuate the history of these chairs and armchairs for future generations while also adapting their design to our modern days. Up-cycling them is the solution we bring to your doorstep…

Modernised Armchairs Always at the Forefront of Fashion

Naked Chairs’ kits are conceived to transform wooden chairs and armchairs into modern furniture. The alliance of old wooden structures and of a lean seat/back with metallic holders turn your seats into design pieces of furniture that are easily integrated into modern interiors. Moreover, with their easily detachable and changeable covers you may dress your naked chairs as you wish as often as you like all the while sharing your taste for fashion at the heart of your sitting areas. 


Take a look at the seats we have already transformed on our blog and join our Community.